Company Advantages

1Production Equipment(001) 2Production inspection(001)
Production Equipment Production inspection
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Laboratory Laboratory equipment

Production Equipment

Introduced 5 automatic roller coating production lines of three-coating and three-baking from Germany

The first in China to introduce a roller coating automatic production line capable of producing 4.0mmx2600mmxC

More than 1000 kinds of printing rollers

2 automatic spraying production lines

4 high-speed automatic slitting lines

12 precision crosscutting lines

6 embossing lines


We have focused on the coating industry for 20 years, and have passed a series of comprehensive system certification. Our advanced 8 fully automatic high-speed production lines adopt the international advanced three coating and two baking process.


Certified by the science and technology Bureau, the “engineering technology research center or color coated aluminum plate” is established, which strictly controls the production process (8-16 inspection processes), innovatively improves the production process, ensures the stability or product quality and the research and development of new products.


ATALU technology advocates the concept of “zero defect” and “responsible for customers” and produces in strict accordance with the quality management standards. We use products rom large domestic aluminum manufacturers such as sinal and Chinalco, and form cooperative alliance with top coating suppliers.